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300,000 Croatians to Have Their Free Health Insurance Cancelled

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As many as 300.000 Croatians could soon have their public health insurance policies cancelled by the Croatian Health Insurance Fund ...

Number of Insured Persons in Croatia in May Up by 3.3% YOY

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Broken down by business activity, the highest number, 245,053, are in the processing industry, and 239,352 in the wholesale and retail ...

High Number of HZZO Insured People Not Living in Croatia

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Since as far back as 1998, when a person is left without work, their health insurance and the right to ...

More People Use Croatian Health System Than Actually Live in Croatia?

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As Croatia’s increasingly alarming negative demographic trend tightens its grip over the country and its economy, there seems to be ...


How to Open a Business in Croatia Online: No Waiting, Some Legwork, Plenty of Stress

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If you open a business and a venomous clerk wasn’t around to make your life miserable, did you really open ...