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Croatian Emergency Services On Land, At Sea, And Up Mountains

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Forget your 999s and your 911s. 112 is the number you’ll need to memorise when it comes to the Croatian ...


Croatian Mountain Rescue Service Rescues Goat from Sheer Vis Cliffs

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From tourists attempting to climb Biokovo in Lidl flip-flops without any water on them during hot August afternoons to people ...

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HGSS Gives Important Advice to Hikers Ahead of the Season

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The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) appeals to all mountaineers and people who come to Velebit and the mountain in ...

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HGSS Rescue Helicopters On Standby as of 1 May

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HGSS noted that this is the first time its rescue helicopters were put on alert so early in the year ...

Damir Trut: Unit for Maritime, Underwater and Cave Rescues Established

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As Morski writes, Croatia has a very long coast and is one of the most indented countries in the whole ...


Croatian Mountain Rescue Service Turns 72: ‘We Only Have One Wish’

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‘For 72 years now, a call to any member of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) has been a call ...

Dog Protects Injured Mountaineer on Velebit’s Vaganski Vrh, HGSS Saves the Day

Daniela Rogulj

Fortunately, two friends were with the injured mountaineer, who immediately called for help and were in contact with the rescuers ...

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Missing Person Peruća Lake: Body Found After Four Day Search

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The four-day search for the 24-year-old Dominik Branimir Bilobrk sadly ended with the worst outcome possible. As TV network RTL ...

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Croatian Media Report New Details in Case of Mystery Krk Woman

Daniela Rogulj

Story update, 09:00 September 22 – Mystery Woman in Croatia: Daniela from Slovakia? September 21, 2021 – New details have emerged ...

Rijeka Croatia Mountain Rescue Service

Rescue Photos & ‘Scottish Accent’ of Mystery Woman on Krk, Croatia

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September 22 Update at 13:00 – Official Croatian Police Statement confirming the identity of the mystery woman. Story update, 09:00 ...

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