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Adrenaline Croatia: 25 Things to Know about Adventure Tourism in Croatia

Daniela Rogulj

Think Croatian tourism has only sun, beach and sea? Think again. Croatia is an incredibly diverse activity playground, as TCN’s ...

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Three Ideal Hiking Spots near Croatia’s Capital

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Fans of mountain hiking will appreciate the trails of Medvednica, Žumberak and Oštrc.

What to Do in Vrlika in Spring? Dalmatia Explorer Knows..

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Spring is behind the door. I know it, because we have a marked calendar hanging in the kitchen and my ...

Sinj – Visoka – Visočnica – Sutina in Pictures

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The Mountaineering Association Dinaridi published pictures of their recent trip on the rout Sinj – Visoka – Visošnica – Sutina ...


Little Mountaineering School Starting Next Week

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Organized by the mountaineering society HPD Mosor, the Little Mountaineering School will start with a meeting (for parents and children) ...


Day Trips From Split: Mosor, A Hike With A Seaview

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In those, parts of the year when dipping in the sea is suitable only for those who don’t mind about ...