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Friends of Croatia: Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs – The Croatian Side of Diplomatic Relations

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It takes two to build a friendship. While this series focuses on conversations with ambassadors, diplomats, and representatives of international ...

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Identity of Boka Kotorska Croatians – Scientific Conference by Ivo Pilar Social Research Institute

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Croatia has a big diaspora, no secrets there, but its worldwide spread makes you miss the region. In Boka Kotorska, ...

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Croatian President Zoran Milanović: “Serbia’s Attempt to Equate Draža Mihailović With Tito Pathetic”

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During World War II Draza Mihailovic led the Chetnik movement whose members were Nazi collaborators and were held responsible for mass-scale ...


Best Zagreb Mayor By Historians: Historians Shouldn’t Rate, But Većeslav Holjevac Takes Lead

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With the local elections happening in Croatia this Sunday, just as every year, 2021 is no exception, with all eyes ...

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Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibition on Former Zagreb Mayor Većeslav Holjevac

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Apart from the horror of the pandemic and earthquakes, 2020 was the 50th anniversary of the death of Većeslav Holjevac ...


Croatia Seeks Two Suspects Involved in 1991 Killings of Civilians

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The charges have been forwarded to the County State Attorney in Rijeka after Lika-Senj and Karlovac county police authorities in cooperation ...

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President Zoran Milanović: “I’m Considering Not Having Army Attend Operation Flash Commemoration”

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“A situation where soldiers have to stand for hours while politicians and government officials successively lay wreaths to comply with epidemiological ...

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Parl. Speaker Gordan Jandroković For Sanctioning Ustasha Insignia and Regulating Communist Symbols

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“We must make a clear distinction between the insignia of the Ustasha regime and the heritage of the (1991-1995) Homeland ...

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PM Andrej Plenković: NDH is One of Most Tragic Periods in Croatian History

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The prime minister made this statement on the occasion of the 76th anniversary anniversary of the breakout of inmates of ...

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Five Delegations to Pay Tribute at Jasenovac Successively

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Addressing a news conference on Wednesday, Plenković clarified his recent statements on the topic. “I was referring to my position on ...