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Harry Potter Around the World: 500 Copies Displayed in Rijeka

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How many editions of the Harry Potter series have you ever seen in one place? In an average bookstore, probably ...


Harry Potter Week to Dust Zadar With a Dash of Magic

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April 8, 2018 – Craving some magic in your life? Head to Zadar: Harry Potter Week returns with another edition ...


‘Hoću Knjigu’, a Bookshop with a Difference in the Digital Age

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As digital media is slowly killing old-fashioned books and traditional print, meet a corner of Croatia which is fighting back. ...

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Hoću Knjigu Bookstore Announces Rich Programme of Events

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It’s full steam ahead for the recently-opened Hoću Knjigu Megastore.

‘Magical Book Hunt’: Free Books in Rijeka, Split and Sisak!

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Care for a free book? Follow the hints and get yourself a novel!

Hoću knjigu Megastore to Open in Zagreb

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Get ready for the opening of the biggest bookstore in the centre of the city.