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30th Anniversary of Baćin War Crime Commemorated

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The victims were residents of Baćin, Cerovljani, and Hrvatska Dubica. A dozen residents are unaccounted for. Nobody has been imprisoned ...

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30 Years of Minefield War Crime Commemorated in Lovas

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On 18 October 1991, a few days after entering Lovas, aggressor forces chose a group of 51 residents and forced ...

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PM Says Shelling of Gov’t Building Was Crucial Moment for Croatia’s Freedom

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“Today is 30 years since the shelling of the government building. At that time it was the headquarters of the ...

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30th Anniversary of Varaždin’s Liberation Marked

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Varaždin was liberated with the surrender of the Yugoslav People’s Army’s 32nd Corps on 22 September 1991. The seized weaponry ...

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Mayor: It’s a Disgrace Nobody Has Answered for Vukovar Crimes

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“If we disregard the rulings of the international tribunal in The Hague and for the Ovčara atrocity, nobody has yet ...

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30th Anniversary of Battle of Vukovar Marked

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Vukovar was heroically defended in the 1991 battle for three months, after which its defence lines were penetrated and the city ...


Croatian Roma History: Dr. Danijel Vojak Warns on Lack of Systematic Research

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The Romani population has lived in the lands that are today part of the Republic of Croatia for over six ...

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PM Andrej Plenković: Truth About Homeland War Indisputable

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“The issue of war reparations and possible lawsuits against Serbia has been raised to the bilateral level, ministries and experts ...

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28th Anniversary of Grabovica Massacre Commemorated

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The families of the victims and other participants in today’s commemorative events underscored that the remains of 17 victims, including a ...

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President Says Reciprocity Important for Reconciliation and Forgiveness

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Speaking of Karst areas where residents of Kijevo live and where the early medieval Croatian state hails from, Milanović said ...