Inland Treasures to Discover: Imotski Through The Tunnel

Paul Bradbury

April the 30th, 2024 – The Makarska Riviera is known for its beaches and island-hopping options, but there is plenty ...

croatian football match lake

The Croatian Football Match Held At The Bottom Of A Lake

Paul Bradbury

March the 11th, 2024 – Have you ever heard about the Croatian football match played at the bottom of a ...

biokovo-imotski lakes geopark

Biokovo-Imotski Lakes Geopark New UNESCO Candidate

Lauren Simmonds

September the 8th, 2023 – The Biokovo-Imotski Lakes Geopark has been going from strength to strength in terms of tourism. ...

The Secrets of Imotski: The Extraordinary Imota Mosaic

Total Croatia News

One thing I have learned in Dalmatia is not to be surprised by anything. Coming out of the hotel with ...

Photo: Mario Romulić

Split-Dalmatia County Summer Events to Look Forward to

Total Croatia News

It’s not too late to make some changes to your Split travel itinerary, even if we’re now welcoming the high ...

Photo: J.Duval/Zagreb Tourist Board

Five Freshwater Destinations in Croatia for a Summer Dip

Total Croatia News

Summer in Croatia is synonymous with turquoise waters, paradise islands, and sailboats. For many, if your vacation does not include ...

Image: Run for the Soul/Facebook

Run for the Soul: Road Running Competition is Back in Imotski

Total Croatia News

As part of the 2nd Run for the Soul competition in Imotski, there will be a 10 km competition, a 5 km competition, and a ...

Image: Pexels

Walk for Life to be Held in Ten Cities

Total Croatia News

Representatives of the civic group “Walk for Life, Family and Croatia” told reporters that marches would be held in Vinkovci, Varaždin ...


No Seagulls Allowed: Two Hawks Employed to Guard Imotski Lake from Unwanted Guests

Total Croatia News

Known to invade urban areas in search of food, seagulls are generally seen as a nuisance all over the Croatian ...

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