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Božinović: Croatia Becomes Model for Future Functioning of US Visa Waiver Program

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“Acceding to the Visa Waiver Program was a challenging process for us, during which we concluded 14 international legal acts ...

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Military Service Not Abolished But Suspended, Interior Minister Says

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 “Military service hasn’t been abolished but suspended. We pay a high level of attention to security. The Defence Ministry’s budget ...

Croatia Near Top in EU Security-Wise, Interior Minister Says

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That would not have been possible had we not embarked on a comprehensive procurement of everything the police need,” he ...

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Security Issues Shouldn’t Be Discussed Publicly, Says Minister

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“The basic principle is that security issues should not be discussed publicly. As far as our services are concerned and ...

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Croatia’s Interior Ministry Procures Earthquake Simulator

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The purpose of that container, worth HRK 3.3 million (€440,000) without Value Added Tax, is to enable participants in exercises ...

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COVID Certificates Only for Those Vaccinated and/or Recovered Announced

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The National Civil Protection Headquarters announced when a new record of 6,932 new cases was broken in Croatia, that the ...


Family Doctors Will Contact Persons over 65 about Getting Vaccinated

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The most vulnerable persons, those over 65, are the priority in protection from COVID, he said at a press conference ...

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Božinović: Checks of Existing Anti-epidemic Measures Should Be Stepped Up

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Božinović recalled that they had anticipated a rise in the number of new cases in the autumn and addressed the ...


Božinović Says Waiting for Results of Investigation Into Violence Against Migrants

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“We’ll wait and see what the results of the investigation show. Everything that will happen as part of the relevant procedures ...

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Interior Minister Davor Božinović Praises Police For Their Irreplaceable Role in Many Segments

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During the ceremony held in Zagreb, when the police observed their day on 29 September, the feast of their patron ...

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