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Exploring Croatian – A Brief History of the Istro-Romanian Language

Lauren Simmonds

We’ve explored many of the dialects, subdialects and indeed languages in their own right as some linguists consider them to ...

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Smuggling for Survival: Contraband Trails of Učka Mountain

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At the foothill of Učka mountain in Istria lies the village of Šušnjevica. It’s not a destination to make headlines ...

Sasa Miljevic/Pixsell

Oxford University Invites Speakers of Istro-Romanian to Join Research Project

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This interdisciplinary project was launched in 2018 and is based on sound recordings made in the 1960s by Oxford linguist ...


Istriot, Arbanasi, Istro-Romanian: 3 Dying Languages in Croatia, Just 1200 Speakers

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December 28, 2019 – Croatia regularly makes top 20 lists around the world, from football to tourism. But did you ...