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Despite Crisis, 2021 Saw Fewest Dismissals So Far; Nine in Ten Jobs Insecure

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With the present share of insecure and short-term work Croatia has been holding the European record for years. In the ...

Zagreb County Employment Rate Rises by 3.3 Percent

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Economic issues in Croatia weren’t ”born” when the pandemic struck the globe, but they were certainly made exponentially worse with ...


OVI Index in May 2021 Shows Labour Demand Higher than in May 2019

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From the perspective of OVI index, the labour market has been showing clear signs of recovery from the crisis caused ...


April Sees 1.2% Fewer Jobless YOY

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At the end of April 2021, 148,744 persons were registered with the Croatian Employment Service, down 4.4% on the month ...

300 New Work Positions to Open in Vinež Industrial Zone, Istria

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Istria is set to open up new possibilities for employment with the construction and expansion of numerous companies operating within ...

Enormous Investment: Boeing and Airbus Parts to be Produced Near Zagreb

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More than excellent news for the Croatian job market and the domestic economy as a whole as as many as ...

More Than Third of Graduates with Diplomas in Croatia Unemployed

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As Mirela Lilek/Novac writes on the 27th of April, 2019, Croatia’s situation still isn’t good: the country is continuing to ...

Above Board or Below Board, Croatia’s Employment Issues Continue

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Croatia’s employment issues are somewhat perplexing to many, and although there has apparently been a massive drop in unemployment, there’s ...

Chinese Building Car Factory in Dalmatia, Jobs for 500 People

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Chinese-Croatian relations grow ever closer as the Chinese expand their business empire in Dalmatia, not merely stopping at Pelješac bridge. ...

Ogulin: Budget Doubled, Investments Arrive, 250 Work Positions Open

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As Novac/ writes on the 29th of March, 2019, Ogulin has made a great many steps forward economically. ”Across all ...