VIDEO: PlayStation 5 Release in Croatia Marked by Klapa and Traditional Instruments

Daniela Rogulj

December 13, 2020 – The PlayStation 5 release in Croatia has been marked by the traditional music of Croatian regions.  ...

© Croatian National Tourist Board / David Rostuhar

VIDEOS: Amazing New Google Project Shows Croatian Culture to the World

Total Croatia News

September 18, 2020 – Incredible new video series explore Croatian culture, its natural assets, and the country’s rich traditions, a ...

Dalmatian Students to Uphold Klapa Traditions in Zagreb

Lauren Simmonds

Far from the calm yet rugged shores of Dalmatia in the Croatian capital of Zagreb, Dalmatian students are set to ...

Swiss Stage for Croatian Diaspora Performers in 2019

Total Croatia News

25th of November 2018 – That music is deeply rooted in the Croatian genes is a simple fact. Just look around ...

Šibenik Klapa Impresses European Parliament

Lauren Simmonds

Brussels gets to hear the sounds of Šibenik.

Šibenik Students Sing in Brussels!

Lauren Simmonds

The Belgian capital gets a taste of Dalmatia.

Christmas Concerts in Vienna and Salzburg, the Croatian Way

Total Croatia News

Two popular destinations in Austria are about to get a dose of Croatian Christmas carols

Most Exclusive Klapa Concert in History: 4 Tickets to Be Sold in Total!

Total Croatia News

Fancy a music show for a very selected audience?

Local Klapa to Sing in Streets of Dubrovnik Once Again!

Lauren Simmonds

Five Dubrovnik Klapa groups will enchant both visitors and locals to our city.

klapa 3.jpg

Klapa Kaše: Traditional Dalmatian Klapa Singing in Dubrovnik

Total Croatia News

Klapa represents the soul of Croatia, a form of traditional cappella singing that holds the key to the essence of ...

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