klepetan and malena

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The Storkman Movie: Origins of Famous Malena The Stork Online

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Croatian and international animal lovers were sad due to the tragic loss earlier in July of 2021when the beloved stork ...

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Malena Passed Away: Croatia Mourns End of Klepetan and Malena Stork Love Story

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Nineteen years of stork romance between Malena and Klepetan in the Slavonian village of Brodski Varoš (near Slavonski Brod), has ...

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Highlights of the Week: 5 Top Events in Croatia from April 12-18, 2021

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With the worsening epidemiological situation and tightening measures in four Croatian counties on Monday, the week didn’t start very promising ...


Klepetan Returns To Malena For 19th Consecutive Year!

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As Index.hr reports, Stjepan Vokić, who has been taking care of the baby storks and its mother in Brodski Varoš ...


Everyone Thought Klepetan Was Dead, But He Has Returned to Malena!

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As Index writes on the 3rd of June, 2020, although everyone, including Stjepan Vokic who takes care of Croatia’s famous stork ...

Klepetan Returns to Malena for the Last Time Before Passing Away

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The beautiful Croatian love story, involving not two people but two storks, won hearts all over the globe. As did ...

Croatia’s Lovebirds: Klepetan Returns to Malena Earlier Than Usual

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”Trembling with the cold, he isn’t yet used to these low temperatures. He arrived yesterday at 15:00 and immediately devoured ...

Klepetan is Back, Once Again

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Once more, Klepetan makes Croatia smile as he returns to his Malena.

Is Croatian Bureaucracy Preventing a Human Klepetan and Malena Love Story?

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A plea for help for a smitten South African, trying to get back to Zagreb to be with his Croatian ...