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Highlights of the Week: 5 Top Events in Croatia from April 12-18, 2021

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With the worsening epidemiological situation and tightening measures in four Croatian counties on Monday, the week didn’t start very promising ...


Klepetan Returns To Malena For 19th Consecutive Year!

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As Index.hr reports, Stjepan Vokić, who has been taking care of the baby storks and its mother in Brodski Varoš ...

Croatia’s Lovebirds: Klepetan Returns to Malena Earlier Than Usual

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”Trembling with the cold, he isn’t yet used to these low temperatures. He arrived yesterday at 15:00 and immediately devoured ...

Croatia Marks Stork Day

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ZAGREB, August 24, 2018 – Croatia observed Stork Day on Friday, 24 August, and on that occasion, institutions dealing with ...

A Love Story for the Ages: French Press Enchanted With Klepetan and Malena

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The famous Croatian stork couple has been making international headlines in recent weeks – some love from the French press ...

President of Lebanon Receives Appeal to Stop the Killing of Migratory Birds

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Stjepan Vokić, the man from Brodski Varoš who’s been taking care of storks Klepetan and Malena for 25 years, sent ...

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“Don’t Let Them Kill Him!”: Klepetan’s Feather in Letter to Lebanese President

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“I have three sons and ever since Klepetan landed in Malena’s nest, I have accepted him as my fourth”

Croatian Love Story of the Century – Klepetan is Back for Malena!

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He is Still Alive: Klepetan Returns to his Malena!

Klepetan and Malena – Croatia’s most Unusual Love Story

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Proof that true love does return in spring.