Descend into a Konoba to Taste and Feel the Dalmatian Way of Life

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The essence of the Dalmatian way of living can truly be felt in konobas, small stone cellars originally used to ...


Best Seafood Restaurants in Split? Look No Further!

Daniela Rogulj

Split, being the second largest city in Croatia, has an incredible amount to offer. From Diocletian’s Palace, to idyllic isles, ...


Miki Bratanić Brings his Konoba to Hvar

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Miki Bratanić, the author of 2 books – “Konoba” and “Priča o Konobi” will be at the Hvar Loggia on ...

Konoba Korta: Microbrewery Beer and Retro Dalmatian Cuisine

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(Poljana Grgura Ninskog 4) When a friend of mine uploaded an image of him enjoying a Croatian microbrewery beer in ...

Konobas in Split: A List That Grows As Do Our Bellies

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Please see below list of preferred konobas and eateries in Split where you can taste traditional Dalmatian and Croatian cuisines. ...

Konoba Stare Grede: Meat Galore!

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(Domovinskog rata 46; +385(0)21 485 501; Facebook Page) Stare Grede means ‘old beams’ and this traditional tavern only 1km from ...

Oštarija u Viđakovi: Strictly Dalmatian Fare!

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(Prilaz braće Kaliterna 8

; +385 (0)21 489 106; www.ostarijavidjakovi.com)     Oštarija u Viđakovi is a konoba hidden down a tight ...

Konoba Hvaranin: A Miniscule Family-Run Tavern

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Konoba Hvaranin (meaning ‘man from Hvar’) is a miniscule eatery that won’t impress you when you first encounter it but ...

Konoba Stare Grede: A Carnivore’s Heaven

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I can’t tell you how many times I have passed Stare Grede with an urge to go in, but all ...


Buffet Fife: A Split Institution Serving Traditional Fare on a Budget

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We all seek authenticity, the best produce, and the most comfortable surroundings but sometimes a true local experience means spotty ...