Zvonko Milas Meets Ethnic Croat Reps and Local Leaders in Tivat, Kotor

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“Relations with the Croat community in Tivat are open, honest, and are constantly progressing. The fact that the Croatian Civic Initiative ...

“Bokeljska Mornarica” Tradition Coming to UNESCO Heritage List?

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ZAGREB, January 19, 2018 – A scientific conference about the Croatian Bokeljska Mornarica brotherhood that promotes the heritage of Croats ...

Franković in Kotor: ”Cooperation Between Dubrovnik and Kotor Seems Natural”

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Mato Franković met with Kotor’s Vladimir Jokić, with whom he talked about the threat of cruise ship tourism and the ...

Coca Cola Presents Dubrovnik as Kotor?!

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Apparently Dubrovnik is no longer in Croatia.


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During your trip to this small country, you will be astounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of Montenegro, that’s for ...