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Number of Requests for Free Primary Legal Aid on Rise

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Primary legal aid, whose cost is covered by the state and which includes the provision of general legal information and ...


Croatian Government: Zlata Đurđević Not in Favour of Model For Election of Judges As Exists in Most of EU

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Quoting parts of Đurđević’s programme, the government says that Đurđević is not in favour of the model that exists in most EU countries, ...

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PM Andrej Plenković: Court Should Have Ordered Precautionary Measure for Zoran Mamić

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Speaking to the press in Rijeka, Plenković said “the Justice Ministry was very clear about ordering precautionary measures for some convicts. ...

Ten Year Prison Sentence Awaiting Former Croatian PM Ivo Sanader?

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Much like an unpleasant odour, former PM Ivo Sanader is back in the limelight, at least that of the court ...

New Croatian Central Consumer Portal, When Will It Be Ready?

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According to Ipsos research, at least one negative shopping experience was reported by 29 percent of the respondents so far. ...

Report on Croatian Justice System from Council of Europe Highlights Improvements and Concerns

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While significant improvements have indeed been made, Croatia still has a very long way to go in terms of the ...

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Horvatinčić: Croatian Millionaire Kills 4 People in 3 Incidents, Serves No Time

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On Friday 13th October 2017, Croatian businessman and millionaire – Tomo Horvatinčić was acquitted of all charges relating to the ...