Extradition of Ivica Todorić: What Happened Last Night?

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Exactly one year after handing himself over to the British authorities at Charing Cross Station in London, the extradition of ...

Croatian Returnee Stories: “I Still Believe Croatia Can Be A Great Country”

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While the bleak stories about Croats taking advantage of the European Union’s policy of freedom of movement and leaving the ...

Can Ivica Todorić Frustrate or Delay his Return to Croatia?

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The Ivica Todorić latest… Although the High Court in London refused the former Agrokor boss’ appeal and confirmed that it ...

Ivica Todorić Comments on Extradition Decision: ”This Won’t Stop Me”

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With his extradition now confirmed and looming, the former Agrokor boss still isn’t giving up. The latest from Ivica Todorić.

Big Tour Operator Bringing in Two New Flights to Croatia

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The announcement of these flights has recently been transmitted by one of Britain’s most well-known magazines.

Todorić: ”We’ve Got Unbelievable Evidence, I’m the Victor”

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Agrokor’s former main man fights on in the fog of London.

Tony Blair’s Wife to Represent Todorić at London Court Today?

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The court should make the final decision on whether Todorić will be extradited to Croatia.

Ivica Todorić Comments on Government, Dalić’s Hotmail Affair, and Extradition

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The ex Agrokor boss and current fugitive in London gave an interview to Dnevnik Nove TV ahead of the British ...

Zagreb’s Žabac Food Outlet Makes Big Moves, Gains Worthy Recognition

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One Croatian food outlet stands out above the rest, and deservedly so.

Ivica Todorić Engages Well Known Serbian Lawyer

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Todorić refuses to go down without a fight, and now one of Serbia’s most famous lawyers has been engaged by ...