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Croatian Short Documentary ‘Noon Shot’ Selected at Lift-Off Festival

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Zagreb is a city that is characterized, among many things, by the symbols and sights that one can find in ...

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How Far Can Zagreb Grič Cannon Fire? Ideal Conditions View of the Fire Range

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While Zagreb Grič Cannon did not shoot at the time of writing this article, it is still one of the ...

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Zagreb Grič Cannon: Explosive Noon Reminder

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If you find yourself walking around a wider Zagreb centre (such as Savska Cesta or Marin Držić Avenue) around noon, ...

Gric Cannon: Zagreb’s 143 Year Tradition Ceases Following Earthquake

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Have you ever been in Zagreb and heard a loud bang out of the blue and wondered if the city ...

Where Does the Cannonball Go?

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Everyone who’s ever visited Zagreb knows about the Lotrščak Tower and the Grič cannon that goes off every day at ...


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When the walls around the city were built in the 13th ct, this three-floor tower, 30 metres high and with ...