Croatian Libraries in a Digital Climate: Conference Held in Lovran

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The pandemic and earthquakes of 2020 opened a lot of questions of handling everyday institutions in the not-so-usual times. One ...

Draga di Lovrana 1908

Draga di Lovrana: The Haunting of Hill Hotel at Foothills of Učka

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The renowned Draga di Lovrana is located at the foothills of the Učka mountain range, just above the eponymous municipality ...

161018 Marunada2

Marunada Brings Tourists and Locals to Lovran

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The Guardian declared it as one of the ten best autumn events in Europe.

Maritime Heritage: Traditional Wooden Boat of Lovran Granted EU Funding for Renovation

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A traditional pasara boat built in 1954 will be renovated in Lovran with the help of EU funds

Clinic in Lovran First in Croatia to Implant 3D Printed Shoulder Joint

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Owing to innovative technology and the talented surgical team, the 60 year-old patient will regain his former quality of life


Celebrating Autumn: Chestnut Festivals in Croatia

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Chestnut Festival, which is locally known as kestenijada or marunada, is a very popular type of food festival in October in Croatia.