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Mamić Sings and Dances, Without Crutches, After Lovren Testimony

Daniela Rogulj

Welcome to the wonderful world of Zdvrako Mamić. The circus adds even more entertainment.

Luka Modrić Testifies in Perjury Investigation

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Modrić has denied all criminal allegations.

Judge warns Mamić: ”One More Outburst and You Will Leave this Courtroom!”

Lauren Simmonds

Judge Darko Krušlin has had more than enough of Mamić and his signature ”colourful” outburts as he warns him that one ...

Is Zdravko Mamic more powerful than USKOK?

Lauren Simmonds

The untouchable football tycoon appears relaxed and in good spirits despite the threat that hangs over him.

How Luka Modrić Went from Hero to Zero in Croatia in One Sentence

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What to do when the idol of the nation gets into bed with indicted people? How does one write an ...

Zdravko Mamić Assaulted In Front Of Court In Split

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Attackers were wearing masks and threw flares, bottles and smoke bombs at the Dinamo boss.