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dinaric karst caves

Dinaric Karst Caves – Richest in Species – 70% Indigenous to Croatia

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March the 2nd, 2024 – Dinaric karst caves are one of the best-kept secrets of Dalmatia. While the majestic Dinaric ...


World’s Best Naive Art – Croatian Hlebine School

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February the 28th, 2024 – Croatia is sometimes difficult to find. Of course, with modern GPS and Croatia’s nine international ...

drava river

Discover The Drava River in Koprivnica-Križevci County

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February the 25th, 2024 – Of the many rivers that run through Croatia, five of them could truly be classed ...

day trips Križevci

Best Day Trips from Zagreb – Križevci, Town on the Crossroads

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February the 21st, 2024 – Every year, more and more people fly into Zagreb. Maybe they’ll stay a few days ...


Azil Dumovec – Where Zagreb Bus Drivers Take Injured Owls

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February the 19th, 2024 – Have you ever heard of Azil Dumovec? Zagreb’s bus drivers have, and any injured or ...