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The Concert That Stunned Everyone: 450th Anniversary of Marin Držić’s Death

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What happens when three important institutions in Dubrovnik decide to organise something together, despite the political upheaval in the country, ...

450th Anniversary of Marin Drzic’s Death

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On this day 450 years ago, Dubrovnik literary genius Marin Drzic passed away.

”Drzic In The Eyes Of Students” At House Of Marin Drzic

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More excellent projects and thoughtful presentations from the dedicated Niksa Matic and the House of Marin Drzic in Dubrovnik.  

Dubrovnik: Young Artists Honour Marin Drzic

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The memory of Dubrovnik’s very own Shakespeare, Marin Drzic honoured by young creatives at the House of Marin Drzic.

Wreaths At Final Resting Place of Marin Drzic and Rudjer Boskovic

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Niksa Matic, Director of the House of Marin Drzic (Dom Marina Drzica) in Dubrovnik pays a visit to Italy on ...

Marin Drzic House

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Who made people laugh in the 16th/century Dubrovnik? Marin Drzic Vidra, known as the “king of laughter”, is one of ...