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‘Extinct’ Angelshark Returns to Adriatic

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The Angelshark is one of the calmest and most endangered shark species, considered to be nearly extinct in the Adriatic. ...


Seen a Dolphin While Sailing in Croatia? Here’s How to Report the Sighting

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Ever gone sailing in Croatia and spotted a friendly dolphin swimming along your sailboat, occasionally hopping out of the water? ...

Venomous Devil’s Firefish Photographed for First Time Close to Komiza

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As Morski writes, a few articles have already been written about the appearance of new, venomous and potentially highly dangerous ...

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Stay Safe on Your Holiday: Croatian Wildlife and Marine Animals to Avoid

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Snakes Photo credit: Mario Romulić There are currently 15 snake species that are known to inhabit Croatia, and only 3 ...


Croatian Divers Discover Dangerous Jellyfish in Istrian Waters

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When swimming in the calm and peaceful Croatian Adriatic, it’s difficult to imagine that anything could be lurking down in ...

© Mišo Pavičić / The Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries

CASCADE Project: Italy and Croatia Collaborating on Ecosystems Monitoring

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Croatian scientists in Croatia are running various projects which either don’t get reported on by journalists, or if they are ...

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Journalist Clickbait Victim: The Curious Case of Mystery Fish on Korčula

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It was early evening between 7 pm-8 pm on the eastern Korčula coastline on May 28. After a long week ...

Beautiful Sea Angels Discovered Living in Croatian Adriatic

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The Croatian Adriatic is one of the main draws for tourists, especially those coming from the rest of Europe, to ...

VIDEO: Split Woman Films Unusual Sea Creature in Shallows of Kaštilac Beach

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An unusual sight was encountered by a Split woman Friday morning when walking along the shoreline of Kaštilac beach. ”A ...

VIDEO: Mediterranean Jellyfish Filmed Close to Lopud Near Dubrovnik

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As Morski writes on the 26th of August, 2019, a Mediterranean jellyfish (Cotylorhiza tuberculata) has appeared in greater numbers in ...