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VAT Equalisation: Bell Tolls for Purchasing OTC Drugs Over the Border?

Lauren Simmonds

In what will come as very welcome news for many OTC medication users across the country, the Pharmacy Chamber has ...

Crossing Borders for Medicine, Slovenia Cheaper Option?

Lauren Simmonds

It isn’t just petrol and clothing drawing people over the borders…

First Emergency Clinic For Tourists Opened in Rovinj

Lauren Simmonds

Stepped on an urchin, been lying in the sun too long or slipped on a rock? Never fear!

Top Neurosurgeon Dr. Josip Paladino Finds New Job in Sveta Nedelja!

Lauren Simmonds

A relatively happy and deserving ending to the infuriating story of the poor treatment of one of Croatia’s top neurosurgeons, ...

Rijeka’s JGL Sells Famous Products to Other Side of World

Lauren Simmonds

Rijeka’s JGL, in cooperation with its partner company, Favorex, has successfully launched its most distinctive brand ”Aqua Maris” on the ...

Children’s Hospital Project: Unfinished University Hospital Becomes “New Klaićeva”

Lauren Simmonds

Will a praiseworthy new project in an unfinished building in the capital be realised?

Clinic in Lovran First in Croatia to Implant 3D Printed Shoulder Joint

Total Croatia News

Owing to innovative technology and the talented surgical team, the 60 year-old patient will regain his former quality of life