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Taste Croatia: The Mediterranean Diet (VIDEO)

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Healthiest Food Choices Chances are you have heard of the Mediterranean diet, not only for its deliciousness but also for ...


Should 0,5 Remain Alcohol Limit For Drivers in Croatia? Istrian Winemakers Worried of Wine Industry Hit

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However, as Goran Rihelj reports for Hr.Turizam, Istrian winemakers think that 0.5 should remain the upper limit as they fear ...

Enjoy the Croatian Lifestyle, it May Save Your Life

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Croatia offers more than just the sun and the sea, spending a week here and adapting to the lifestyle may ...

Exploring Croatia’s Intangible UNESCO Heritage: The Mediterranean Diet

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Continuing our look at the intangible UNESCO heritage of Croatia on November 5, 2016, a recent addition to the list ...

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Croatian Chefs Bring Home Gold and Silver from the Sweet Thread International Culinary Competition

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Croatian Master Chefs Association team scores big at the international culinary cup in Bjelovar