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Enter Croatia Application Upgraded to Include Ukrainian Language and Alphabet

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“This is yet another measure with which the Ministry of the Interior, acting in cooperation with other state authorities, is ...

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Božinović: Checks of Existing Anti-epidemic Measures Should Be Stepped Up

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Božinović recalled that they had anticipated a rise in the number of new cases in the autumn and addressed the ...


Božinović Says Waiting for Results of Investigation Into Violence Against Migrants

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“We’ll wait and see what the results of the investigation show. Everything that will happen as part of the relevant procedures ...

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Božinović: COVID-19 Team Not Considering Tightening or Relaxing Restrictions

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“At the moment we are not planning any tightening of the restrictions or their further liberalization,” Božinović, who heads the ...


Croatia Grants Most Asylums to Syrians, Most Asylum Seekers Are From Afghanistan

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According to data provided by the Croatian Interior Ministry, of the 1,208 asylum seekers in the first six months of ...

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MUP Office Answers Tourists in Croatia On Verge of Overstaying 90 Days

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March 25, 2020 – Are you a tourist in Croatia wondering if you’ll be sanctioned for overstaying your allowed 90 ...