The Origins of Moreška

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Moreška remains one of the staples of tradition on Korčula, but what are its origins? 

Moreška Sword Dance: One More Korčula Performance This Season

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Back by popular demand…  Although the official Moreška Sword Dance season is now over with last week’s performance, the popular Thursday ...

Last Moreška Sword Dance of the Summer on Korčula Tonight

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September 27, 2018 – It is one of the iconic traditions of Croatian tourism and an integral part of Korčula’s identity ...

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Korkyra Baroque Festival Opens in Korčula with Baroque Moreška Performance

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For the seventh year in a row, Korkyra Baroque Festival sees the performance of a very special type of Moreška: ...

Marin Čilić Enjoys Moreška Sword Dance on Korčula

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The legendary sword dance from Korčula has another famous fan.

Korčula Sword Dance Festival Starts

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The festival brings together historical sword dance groups from the whole island.

Moreška Sword Dance Season Begins: Full Korčula Town Event Calendar 2018

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The season is beginning on Korčula… the first weekly performance of the famous Moreška sword dance takes place tomorrow, May 31, ...

Moreška, The Spark in Korčula’s Vibrant History

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Moreška is a traditional sword dance dating back hundreds of years, an elaborate production involving two groups of dancers, engaging ...


Moreška, the Korčula Sword Dance, a Local and Parental Perspective

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May 21, 2018 – We are delighted to welcome Maja Žuvela to TCN. A Korčula native, May will be bringing a little ...

Moreška Sword Dance

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The moreška sword dance dates back to the 17th-century – and it is known as one of Korčula town’s most ...

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