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Optic Show Exhibition: Perspective and Women’s Socks in MSU Zagreb

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From Sisak photographer Miroslav Arbutin Arba’s exhibition to the education of young people who want to become museum curators, the ...

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Sisak Earthquake Photo Exhibition: Between Two Waitings by Miroslav Arbutina Arba

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The 6.3 magnitude earthquake on December 29 that severely damaged Petrinja and Sisak has traces which haven’t faded as repairs and ...


Art in Spotlight: 5 Exhibitions to See in Zagreb

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Art lovers have plenty of reasons to rejoice as the new year kicks off with impressive cultural events in the ...


Happy Birthday, MSU! 16 Free Attractions for Visitors on Saturday

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The Museum of Contemporary Art is having a birthday party – and we’re all invited

Summer in MSU: a Month of Art and Music on a Rooftop Above Zagreb

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The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (MSU) is following its tradition of opening up the rooftop to the visitors ...


Random Passersby on Zagreb Facades: Braco Dimitrijević in the MSU

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Imagine seeing unknown faces on billboards that are not trying to sell you anything.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb has Announced their Summer Concert Series

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The best highly acclaimed Croatian rock bands alongside an exciting exhibition of neo avant-garde art will be found in the ...