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Discovering Authentic Croatia’s Secrets With Seoski Tourism

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Croatia’s visitor offer is evolving and expanding. There are exciting aspects of authentic Croatia to be discovered. Away from the ...

OPG Čudesna šuma

OPG Čudesna šuma: Paradise Reimagined in Beautiful, Traditional Baranja

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War and genocide and the aftermath. Famine. Disease. Death. In a former life, harrowing images filled the lens of internationally ...

Varazdin Cabbage Queen on Most Innovative Woman in EU Agriculture Shortlist

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Inexpensive and packed with nutrients and vitamins C + K, the humble cabbage is a staple part of the Croatian ...

Globalisation Threatens Croatia’s Produce and Cuisine Via New Seed Laws

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Question: When is a tomato not a tomato? Answer: When it is a Croatian tomato. Confused? Well, if you’re from ...

TZ Petrinja

Direct Help: Order From a Petrinja OPG, Small Producer, Family Farm

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Alongside the outpourings of sympathy and promise of prayers, since the large earthquakes of December 2020 struck Sisak-Moslavina County, Total ...

Virtual Marketplaces Bring Croatian Farms to 21st Century: Best Around Croatia

Daniela Rogulj

April 4, 2020 – Online communities around Croatia are now bringing Croatian farms to your doorstep.  A tough part about ...

Taste of Croatia: Aminess Offering Guests Exclusively Domestic Products

Daniela Rogulj

Aminess Hotels & Camps has launched a project titled “Taste of Croatia”, aiming to offer guests a unique gastronomic experience ...

Young Croat Turns Living off the Land into Successful Business

Lauren Simmonds

One young Croat who inherited his grandparents’ love of the land, found his very first customers through advertising his products ...

Small Farm Products Find Their Way to Major Retailer’s Stores

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The company is ready to market them abroad as well.

“King of Garlic” Named Owner of Best Family Farm

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Croatia’s best family farms have been announced.

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