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Archeologists Make Sweet Discovery at Underwater Site Near Pag

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June 1, 2018 — Scientists from Zadar’s Archaeological Museum found luxury ceramics designed to make sugar near Pag, confirming life ...

Firemen Turned Away by Farmers of Pag: How Fire Helped Save Sheep

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Strangely enough, wildfires on Pag helped the farmers fight two natural enemies of their sheep

Police Arrest Naked Brit on Pag Island

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It seems that Pag is still the number one party island in Croatia: unlike some tourists’ lame attempts to annoy ...

The Independent Names Croatian Island Most Incredible, Undiscovered, and Affordable in Europe

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Summer is here, where is your favorite Croatian destination to beat the crowds for cheap?


Making Magic With Needle and Thread: International Lace Festival in Pag

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Pag island is known for three bastions of tradition: cheese, salt, and lace. We’ll leave the first two for some ...

A Timelapse Video of Pag Island Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

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Young filmmaker and photographer Dino Senčar has created a breathtakingly beautiful timelapse video of the island of Pag.


World Cheese Awards: Croatian Cheese Named the Best in Central and Eastern Europe

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In the competition of more than 3,000 cheeses, Croatian cheese was named the best in Central and Eastern Europe.

Delicacies from Pag Conquer the World

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Cheese and lamb from Pag are conquering markets around the world.

140 Million Kuna 5-Star Campsite for a Small Pag Town

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In the municipality of Povljana on the island of Pag, a 140 million kuna strategic investment for a campsite will ...