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A Closer Look At Pag UNESCO Lace Traditions

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May the 31st, 2024 – Pag UNESCO lace traditions are just one of the incredible customs from this strange, moon-like ...

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A Closer Look at the UNESCO Lace Traditions on Pag

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Lacemaking, a cherished tradition in Croatia known as ‘teg’, has been recorded throughout the Mediterranean in the mid-fifteenth century – ...

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Croatian Souvenirs: 10 Things That Fit in Your Suitcase

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Lavender products Did you know that lavender originated from the Mediterranean before growing in popularity around the world? 50 years ...

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VIDEOS: Amazing New Google Project Shows Croatian Culture to the World

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September 18, 2020 – Incredible new video series explore Croatian culture, its natural assets, and the country’s rich traditions, a ...

Pag: 10th International Lace Festival from 20th to 23rd of June

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It’s difficult to claim one Croatian island to be more interesting than another, and it’s even more difficult to make ...


White Roses of Pag, Part II: Lace, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

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April 2, 2018 – Continuing our look to Pag town’s famous features, a tribute to a particular item of UNESCO ...


Making Magic With Needle and Thread: International Lace Festival in Pag

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Pag island is known for three bastions of tradition: cheese, salt, and lace. We’ll leave the first two for some ...