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Croatian (not really a) Pet of the Month: Draco from HGSS

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Of course, we’re aware of the fact that Draco is not a pet, he’d probably be very insulted if he ...


Croatian Pet of the Month: Malina

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Croatian pet of the month this month: Malina on Wheels from Osijek!    Her story begins in a ditch, somewhere ...


Croatian Pet of the Month: Tesa

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After Mona and Charlie, this time our “Pet of the Month” is Tesa, the forest-running dog.


Croatian Pet of the Month: Charlie

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After the success of the first “Pet of the Month” article on Total Croatia News, this month we feature Charlie.

Mona working in a retirement home

Croatian Pet of the Month: Mona

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First in a series of “Pet of the Month” articles on Total Croatia News will feature Mona, an extremely pretty ...