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Petrinja Receives HRK 77 mn Grant for Reconstruction of Three Important Buildings

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The total available amount of HRK 77,271,141.84 for the buildings was applied for through a call for funding for reconstruction financed ...

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Ministers Say Post-quake Reconstruction at Turning Point

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They held a working meeting with local authorities. The lion’s share of the administrative procedure, as a precondition for the ...


HDZ BiH Women Donate HRK 100,000 for Reconstruction of Petrinja Care Home

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Croatian Deputy Prime Minister Tomo Medved was also present. The HDZ BiH Women’s Union organised the fund-raising and raised a total ...


Convoy With 70 Tonnes of Humanitarian Aid From Bavaria Arrives in Petrinja

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The drive, organised by divers and Ante Šistov, helped collect more than 70 tonnes of construction material, including bricks, oriented strand ...