Croatia’s Foreign Worker Debate: Catholic Church Brings Lovely Foreign Priest to Hvar

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July 20, 2019 – The Croatian tourism industry is ever more dependent on foreign workers. So too, it seems, is ...


By Popular Demand in Pitve: Klapa Samoana at Dvor Dubokovic Tonight

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July 18, 2019 – After their fantastic performance of top of the island at Hvarcienda, Samoan singing sensations will perform ...

pitve-hvar-trgostan (6).jpg

Property of the Week: Building Plot with Hvar Out View in Pitve

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June 27, 2019 – Looking to build a dream home on a paradise island? Pitve on Hvar is the subject ...


A Makeover for Jelsa’s Main Square and the Total Hvar Office

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I sit there every day for 13 years and nothing happens. No sooner do I move that they start to ...

Konoba Dvor Duboković

Daniela Rogulj

KONOBA DVOR DUBOKOVIĆ Pitve 66 Pitve (21465 Jelsa) GSM: +385 (0)98 172 1726 GSM: +385 (0)98 412 299 Email: [email protected] ...

Pitve Tunnel Opening in 1963: Rare Pictures

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It is a few years since we did a blog on the opening of Hvar’s legendary Pitve Tunnel. The tunnel ...


25 Reasons to Visit Jelsa in 2016: 18. Pitve

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One of the oldest settlements on the island, probably dating back to the Illyrians, beautiful old stone houses, hidden alleys ...

The Pitve-Zavala Tunel to be Closed Tomorrow

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According to the announcement of the Jelsa Mayor Nikša Peronja published at the Žveljarin FB page, from the period of ...


Following the Cross Procession: Meet the Crossbearers – Igor Marijan From Pitve

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We continue the series of interviews done by Vilma Stojković from Hvar / Unesco website with the crossbearers. Pitve is ...

Easter Procession – A Short Video Documentary

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(photo: screenshot from the Za Krizem Hvar video / HRT) For locals, it is a question of faith and tradition. ...

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