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The Best Split Pizzerias: Local Haunts in the Heart of Dalmatia

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Pizzeria Galija The one that’s the most nostalgic Since it opened its doors in 1980, Pizzeria Galija has become a ...

Italian Who Fell in Love With Šibenik Rates City, Dalmatian Girls and Pizza

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As Slobodna Dalmacija/Marija Loncar writes on the 13th of March, 2019, when he first came to Šibenik at the end ...

Where to Find Best Pizza in Croatia?

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The jury is in: you’ll have to head to Istria.

Budget Dubrovnik: Pizzeria Mamma Mia

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Pizzeria Mamma Mia is known for offering some of the best pizzas in Dubrovnik. Situated in Lapad, 3 km away ...


Eating Your Way Through Croatia…On A Budget

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You find yourself in Croatia, where food seems to encircle you everywhere; the smells follow you, the bakeries fill every ...

Gustico Burger and Pizza Bar: Your Fast Food Haven in Hvar

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In the midst of 5 star restaurants and high class patrons, we bring you something just as good (and far ...

Pizzerias in Split: The City’s Wood-fired Staple Food

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  Please see below list of preferred pizzerias in Split. Pizza is a staple food for Croatians and in Split, ...

Pizzeria Bakra: The Old School Pizza Place in Split

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We all know that pizza originally comes from Italy however, Croatians have adopted this poor man’s concoction as their staple ...