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Science Faculty (PMF) Earthquake Reconstruction: Croatian Faculties Receive Aid

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With August concluding, the academic community is waking up after a summer break. Students are preparing for exams, and professors ...


Ruđer Bošković Institute Chemist Team Makes Progress in Life Formation Research

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Science explores our present reality, but also the past. With many knowledge or credible theories on evolution, the very basic ...

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Faculty of Science (PMF) Donation: Five New Laptops For Faculty of Metallurgy in Sisak

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The devastating 6.3 earthquake that hit Banovina / Banija on December 29 saw Croatia still have a troubling situation in Petrinja, ...

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Croatian European Research Council (ERC) Fund Receiver: Meet Brilliant Dr. Vernesa Smolčić

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Croatian scientists continue to impact the European science scene. As the Faculty of Science (PMF) at the University of Zagreb ...