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Zlatko Saračević, Podravka Vegeta Handball Team Coach Passes Away at 60

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It was supposed to be the night of the biggest derby in the Croatian female handball, the Podravka Vegeta – ...

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Croatian PM Andrej Plenkovic Gifted Special Edition Vegeta On Factory Visit

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When it comes to Croatia’s most-famous brands, the cooking condiment Vegeta is pretty much at the top of the tree. ...


Strongest Croatian Brands Survived and Succeeded After Independence

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Media across Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia have surprised younger readers and reminded older readers with the publication of a map ...

Vegeta Continues to Ride on Tracks of Success – Vegeta Revives HZ Train

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January the 28th, 2020 – Who still remembers the famous fast Podravka train that has been running from Osijek to ...