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Bike & Hike Grgurevo Held in Požega

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During my visit to Požega last month, I was impressed by the enthusiasm with which Igor Marač, the owner of the Luks ...

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Grgurevo Bike & Hike Coming to Požega on March 9

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The old baroque town of Požega is located in the heart of Slavonia, at an altitude of 152 metres. For ...

From Beverly Hills to Požega: Following Dreams of Opening a Gym in Croatia

Daniela Rogulj

What does it take to leave your glamorous life in the United States for the Slavonian city of Požega? The ...

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Art Is the New Black in Požega Prison

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Artwork improves lives of inmates of women’s prison in Požega.

Domestic Violence Indictment against Požega County Prefect Upheld

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ZAGREB, January 31, 2018 – The Požega Municipal Court on Wednesday upheld an indictment charging Požega-Slavonia County head Alojz Tomašević ...

Wife-Beating County Prefect to Be Expelled from HDZ?

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The long overdue decision finally made?

Tourism in Croatia: Meet the County with No Categorised Hotels

Lauren Simmonds

Jutarnji did some investigating and learned more about the Croatian county without a single hotel…

Zvečevo, First Victim of Agrokor?

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The company is on the brink of bankruptcy ahead of its 100th birthday.

Spin Valis to Invest 10 Million Euros in Competence Centre

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The funds will be invested in design and rebranding of products.

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The City of Požega Introduces “Požega House”: A New Kind of Tourism Experience

Daniela Rogulj

A new museum, or more accurately a visitor center named “Požega House” (Požeška kuća) is a project by the City ...