Two Croatian Holiday Homes Win Best in Europe Award

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November 9, 2019 – Croatian holiday homes in Dragoslavec and Prigradica won the Best European Holiday Home (BEHH) awards, organized by ...

A Villa from Korčula Awarded “Best Holiday Home Beach House” Title

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The European Holiday Home Association, EHHA, has awarded the best holiday homes in Europe in 2018, in 14 categories.

Konoba & Ice Cream Shop Kraljević – Prigradica/Blato

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A classic Dalmatian tavern restaurant specializing in fish dishes and local cuisine.  KONOBA & ICE CREAM SHOP KRALJEVIĆ Prigradica bb ...

Bistro Prigradica – Prigradica/Blato

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Prigradica is a beautiful seafood restaurant serving everything from risotto to pasta, salads and cheese platters.  BISTRO PRIGRADICA Prigradica bb ...