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The Ultimate Controversy – Prošek vs. Prosecco!

Valentina Silović

Wine has always been an important part of occasions like weddings, business deals, alliances, and agreements. However, one Croatian wine made headlines in international media for almost causing a political and diplomatic scandal.

The EU and Prosecco, and How is Prošek Made?

Total Croatia News

When Croatians say “prošek”, they mean sweet, dessert wine made near the Adriatic coast from the grapes that have been ...

Could Croatian Term Prosek Finally be Protected by European Commission?

Lauren Simmonds

As Morski writes, On Friday, November the 26th, 2021, State Secretary Tugomir Majdak, in the presence of Member of the European ...


Italy and Croatia Renew Feud Over Wines

Total Croatia News

An attempt in 2013 to have the trademark registered was blocked by Italy arguing that the name prosek was too ...