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Croatia Pan Europe Trains Will Run 160 Kilometres Per Hour By 2030

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November 2, 2020 – From southern Spain to Budapest through Rijeka and Zagreb and from Salzburg through Zagreb, Belgrade and ...

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Continental Croatia Trains: Inland Opens Up With Green Travel

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October 3, 2020 – With charter airlines in a state of flux and Croatia Railways beginning a renewal of their ...

Railways, Tourism and Ports Interest Chinese Investors

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”The economic and political relations with the country in which he wants to invest are taken into account by every ...

Croatian Railways Need 50 Billion Kuna Investment Urgently

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While European railways are being renewed and updated, Croatia’s railways appear to be in a worse state than they were ...

Extreme Railway Journeys With Chris Tarrant – The Balkans

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Fancy experiencing Croatia by train? Let one of British TV’s most well known faces be your guide!


Trains in Croatia: 1st Railway Built in Last 50 Years Stuck 100m from Finish Line

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Construction of the first railroad to be built in Croatia in the last 50 years is reaching its final stage ...

Croatia Will Receive 145 Million Kuna from EU for Improvement of Railroad Between Križevci and Dugo Selo

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A nice sum for the railroad between Križevci and Dugo Selo.

Croatian Railways Introduce Internet Ticket Purchase

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One small step for technology, one giant leap for Croatian Railways.