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From Bare to Brimming: Blue Lake Transformation Video

Daniela Rogulj

Dalmacija Danas writes that the Blue Lake is one of the most beautiful Croatian lakes, reachable by a staircase, making ...

Could Green Lake Further Develop Tourism in Imotski Area?

Daniela Rogulj

Septemeber 17, 2019 – Could the Green Lake be the next ‘Red’ or ‘Blue’ lake of the Imotski area? Braco ...

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World’s Biggest Welcome in Croatia: Day 41 (Off), Day 42 – Šestanovac – Imotski (Bike, Alpinism)

Daniela Rogulj

May 3, 2019 – Putting Croatian adventure tourism on the map, with the biggest welcome in the world. Day 42 ...

Adrenaline Junkies Rope Jump Over Imotski’s Red Lake (Video)

Daniela Rogulj

Are you looking to get your heart rate up this Monday?

New Adventure: French Diver Will Return to Red Lake in Imotski!

Daniela Rogulj

Remember when the first person ever dived to the bottom of the Red Lake in Imotski?

Watch Tourists Slackline Across the Red Lake in Imotski in New Promo Video!

Daniela Rogulj

Remember those incredible photos we shared this week of the Austrian tourists slacklining across the Red Lake in Imotski?

Drone Footage: Final Preparations for First Red Lake Dive in Imotski

Daniela Rogulj

Over the weekend, Frenchman Frederic Swierczynski was the first person ever to see the bottom of the Red Lake in ...