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Plenković: Croatia Expects to Join Eurozone and Schengen in 3 Years

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“The idea is to do both — accession to Schengen and the eurozone — by the end of this government’s ...


Croatia Successfully Completes Schengen Evaluation Procedure

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The Portuguese presidency and Commissioner Ylva Johansson informed the Council that Croatia had successfully completed the Schengen evaluation procedure which began in June ...

Jansa: Croatia’s Entry into Euro and Schengen Area is in Slovenia’s Interest

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ZAGREB, July 11, 2020 – Prime Minister Janez Jansa said on Friday that Croatia’s admission to the euro area and ...

Swedish Media Criticise Croatia: Don’t Let Them Join Schengen

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The Swedish media has launched some scathing attacks on the Croatian Government and the current Croatian EU presidency, referencing the ...

No Chance of Croatian Schengen Entry for at Least Two More Years

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Croatia is gradually being woken from its Schengen dreams bit by bit, and it isn’t only Slovenia’s border complaint standing ...