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From Serbia to Liberland, Seaplanes Fly by Croatian Borders Again

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It is 6 years since the Croatian seaplane operator, European Coastal Airlines, was grounded before filing for bankrupcy. Since then, ...

ACI Marina

Seaplanes to Return to Croatia, ACI Air Launch in May 2022?

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It was really great when it lasted, with the potential (ah, the P word again) to transform not only tourism, ...

Seaplane Saga Over? Investment Collapses, Dismantling to Begin

Lauren Simmonds

”ECA has never been supported by the Croatian administration even though we have linked the islands and the coast without ...

Split Airport Catamaran Unable to Move Forward Because of Seaplanes?

Daniela Rogulj

Are the seaplanes stopping the recently announced Split Airport catamaran from moving forward?


Are Seaplanes Coming Back to Croatia? Meet Split Air, Pride of Dalmatia

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March 19, 2018 – A new airline is about to be launched in Dalmatia, promising the return of seaplanes among ...

Croatian Seaplanes: Civil Aviation Authority Had No Reason to Ground ECA – 4 Expert Conclusions

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Four separate expert investigations into the grounding of Croatian seaplane operator European Coastal Airlines by the Croatian Civil Aviation Authority ...

European Coastal Airlines Seaplane Docks at Island of Vis

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After a difficult few weeks, European Coastal Airlines made a surprise first flight to the island of Vis on September ...

Croatian Seaplane Update: First Twin Otter to Resume Flights Tomorrow

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European Coastal Airlines CEO Captain Klaus Dieter Martin issues a statement on August 26, 2016 (with an update on August ...

Seaplanes in Croatia and Denmark Set to Fly Again as European Coastal Airlines Regains AOC

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After days of uncertainty and without flights at the peak of the season, European Coastal Airlines announced on August 22, ...

European Coastal Airlines Seaplane CEO Issues Statement on Current Situation

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With flights still on hold, European Coastal Airlines CEO Klaus Dieter Martin issues a statement on the current situation regarding ...

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