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Security Issues Shouldn’t Be Discussed Publicly, Says Minister

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“The basic principle is that security issues should not be discussed publicly. As far as our services are concerned and ...


Professional Security Chamber Condemns Attack on Security Guard in Rijeka

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The security guard in Rijeka was attacked by a man who wanted to enter the social welfare centre just before ...


Croatian National Security Report 2021: Stable Democracy, Neigbours Having Problems

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Like any country which cares about national security, Croatia has its own intelligence agency. Croatia’s Security and Intelligence Agency (acronym, ...

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DEFENDER-Europe-21: Zadar Doing Its Part in Large NATO Exercise

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Large-scale, multinational, and army-lead, DEFENDER-Europe is a joint exercise designed to build readiness and interoperability between the U.S., NATO, and ...

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$480,000 Invested in Upgrade of Rijeka’s Offshore Emergency Response Centre

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The investment into the upgrade of this offshore emergency response centre in the biggest Croatian seaport totalled US$ 480,000, and the lion’s ...

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Global Terrorism Index 2020: Croatia is a Completely Safe Country

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ZAGREB December 2, 2020 – Croatia is a completely safe country, according to the latest figures from the Global Terrorism ...

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SOA Says State of Security Stable in Croatia

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ZAGREB, September 21, 2020 – The security situation in Croatia is stable, and in 2019 there were no event or occurrence ...