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Mario Romulic

Blue Shark in Korcula Waters Spotted and Photographed

Total Croatia News

The people of Korcula were surprised to see a two-metre shark swimming off the shores of Kneze on Korcula. The ...

VIDEO: More Footage as Shark Appears in Waters Near Vir!

Lauren Simmonds

Another shark says hello to the camera after getting itself stuck in an area fenced off for swimmers near Vir. ...

More Footage Captured As Shark Appears Near Primošten

Lauren Simmonds

Croatia has been having its very own Shark Week over the last few days or so, with pieces of footage ...

VIDEO: New Footage Emerges of Mako Shark in Brač Channel!

Lauren Simmonds

The Mako sharks, assuming these videos are capturing several individuals as opposed to just one single Mako shark, have been ...

Oceanography Experts Weigh in on Croatian Mako Shark Sightings

Lauren Simmonds

June the 12th, 2019 – Sharks are truly stunning creatures and a chance to see one for ourselves is a ...

VIDEO: German Tourist Videos Large Shark Near Makarska!

Lauren Simmonds

Remember the film Jaws? Now remember that sharks don’t really behave anything like that. Wanting to stay out of the ...