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Days of the Alka and the Assumption – Full Program

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The final program for these very busy days in Sinj has been released and we thank the Sinj tourist board ...

Air Show in Sinj Next Weekend

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Even after almost a year now, watching the seaplane land and take off is still not a boring activity for ...

New Bill from the Ministry of Tourism – Inland Dalmatia Tourist Boards to Close Next Year

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It might have been my 4th year at the University, when I attended a lecture about local management of a ...

Amazing Alka Parade was in Split Tonight.

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An historic event tonight as the Alka Parade entered the Split waterfront to present their 300 years old tradition to ...

Up to the Source of Cetina River in Pictures

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The 4th Cycling race “Up to the Source of Cetina River” took place on Sunday June 21, 2015 and 300 ...

Day Trips from Split: An Interview with Sinj Tourist Board Director Jelena Bilic

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The Tourist Board of Sinj in the heart of Central Dalmatia is one of the most progressive tourist boards in ...