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Croatian Conversation: 5 Years Ago There Were Almost no Women, Today it’s 50/50

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I’d like Total Croatia News readers to warmly welcome two highly accomplished women, Ivona and Nikolina, in this new episode ...


Scope Project: Višnjan Observatory on STEM Popularization Mission

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When it comes to astronomy in Croatia, the Višnjan Observatory in Istria holds the top place as the best location ...

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Best Faculty at Zagreb University: Faculty of Agriculture Scores Highest in NTU Ranking

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The quality of Zagreb University, according to the global NTU ranking conducted by the National Taiwan University, is in decline. ...


Snapshot of Despair and Hope in The Beautiful Croatia with Nenad Bakic

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November 14, 2018 – The 4th G2 Croatian diaspora conference concluded yesterday at Forum Zagreb, a stimulating 2-day event which ...

Stem Revolution for Croatian Schools: Programming with Micro:Bits

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The stem revolution for Croatian schools has begun for children in grades 1-4! Zagreb, November 6, 2018 – Elementary schools ...

Croatian Makers STEM Car Goes on Tour to Offer Free Summer Workshops in Robotics

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STEM Car will be travelling through Slavonia for two weeks, offering free robotics and programming workshops.

STEM Revolution in Croatian Schools

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Croatian Makers is a privately financed initiative developing and deploying a ‘layered family of platforms’ for STEM initiatives in school. ...