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Summer Blast from the Past: A Journey through 1970s Swimsuits in Croatia (PHOTOS)

Daniela Rogulj

“Summer gives birth to new people…harmonious, unrestrained. Pristinely beautiful. Between air, water, and sun. A swimsuit is part of them. ...

Romulic & Stojcic

Hvar: Croatia’s Lavender Island

Total Croatia News

The island of Hvar is located in the Adriatic, off Croatia’s famous Dalmatian Coast, and is well known for being ...

Romulic & Stojcic

Fjaka: A State of Mind that Comes Alive During Croatian Summertime

Total Croatia News

  Photo: Romulic & Stojcic   Fjaka is known to be embraced by many during the appearance of the great summer ...

Photo: Vojtech Okenka/Pexels

Summer Accommodation in Croatia: 10 Booking Tips for the Upcoming Season

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When it comes to booking summer accommodation in Croatia, the custom in recent years was to check availability well in ...

Summer in Croatia Through the Lens of Croatian Photographer Timotej Gošev

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In what ways can photography positively impact the promotion of tourism in Croatia? The question may sound simple to answer, ...

Mario Romulić

Showers, Winds, and Thunderstorms: Weather in Croatia Starts to Change This Week

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Despite still feeling the high temperatures throughout the country, it could be said that intolerable heat waves are a thing ...

Socially Distanced Summer in Croatia: Rules for Beaches Published

Lauren Simmonds

What will the beaches this summer in Croatia look like? If things don’t change again, they’ll look very different indeed… ...

New Summer Timetable for Split-Supetar Ferry Line in Favor of Car Passengers

Daniela Rogulj

June 24, 2019 – A new summer timetable has been announced for travelers on the Split-Supetar Jadrolinija ferry line this ...