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Diaspora Roots – Susak Island

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February the 5th, 2024 – In this edition of Diaspora Roots, we’ll explore Susak island, a small island in Kvarner ...

The Grapes of Croatia: Sansigot

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Traditional Emigrants Day Held on Susak Island!

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This special day has been held since 1985 on the last weekend in July, when the people from Susak living ...


World War II Mine on Susak Discovered in Shallow Part of Island (VIDEO)

Daniela Rogulj

Deep-sea explorer and collaborator Velimir Vrzić found another mine from the Second World War. This mine has been cocooned ...

Cres and Susak Show Why Sheep and Olives Work Well Together

Lauren Simmonds

As is the case with many Mediterranean countries, the relationship between olives and the Croatian coast runs deep, it is ...


Rijeka in History: A Look at Sušak in 1934 (Video)

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A rare look at the city of Rijeka in history, on April 16, 2018


Diaspora Roots: Susak Island

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TCN is launching a new series dedicated to Croatian cities, villages and islands that experienced notable emigration in the 20th ...

Only Store on Susak Island Closes Down

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Since yesterday, September 21, residents and occasional tourists on Susak island don’t have a place  to buy groceries anymore. The ...

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The Guardian Chooses 10 of the Best Small Islands in Croatia

Daniela Rogulj

The Guardian’s Kathryn Tomasetti chooses the 10 best small islands in Croatia.